Genuine Marseille soaps in Canada

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Virtues of Marseille soap

Here are the most important and well-known properties which have made Marseille soap a success for over six centuries.


Due to its manufacturing process, a Marseille soap has a life span significantly higher than any other soap of the same size. In other words, it does not melt easily.

A high grade soap

A genuine Marseille soap must contain a minimum of 72% of vegetal oil and it must have been cooked in a cauldron for several days.

Efficient and reliable

The invention of the washing machine, the development of chemical detergents or the arrival of shower gel on the market should have caused Marseille soap to fade out. Fortunately, we just realized nothing beat the way things were made in 1873.

A healthy soap

Marseille soap is recommended for:

A multi-Purpose soap

Apart from its conventional use as a toilet soap or laundry soap (or even both in the same time), this soap so multitalented we had to create a special page: Tips and recipes.


A traditional Marseille soap, that is to say without added fragrance and dye, will totally degrades after 28 days in the environment. Moreover, we have decided to offer most of our soaps without unnecessary packaging, just as if you were going yourself to get them in Marseille!

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Aleppo soaps

Aleppo soaps
Genuine Aleppo soaps.

We also offer Aleppo soaps; Marseille soap's ancestor. It is made out of olive oil and a variable amount of laurel bay oil.

Aleppo soap is widely appreciated for its ability to soften skin problems such as acne, psoriazis or eczema.

Our product range is quite extensive as we offer some Aleppo soaps containing between 5% and 40% of laurel oil.


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